Restoration Project Phase 1

Our architects Hawkes Edwards tendered out the work and as a result the PCC appointed Heritage Building & Conservation Ltd to undertake the work. A pre contract meeting was then held in early May. At this meeting the contractors presented their proposed construction programme, draft method statement and cash flow. We also arranged a delapidations survey following a letter from the Town Council reminding us of our obligations with regard to the village green in front of the church. This highlighted the sensitivity of certain parties to the grounds surrounding the church. We also contacted the Warwick District Council because they have the responsibility for the maintenance of the closed churchyard.

We have been promoting the project which we have renamed the “St. Margaret’s Church Conservation Works Phase 1” and have already set aside an area in the church for displays and a notice board. Simon Greaves one of our Church Wardens has been overseeing the project alongside our architects.

Please find a selection of photos from the restoration project phase 1 here.

Extracts from the Minutes up to 29 September 2017:



1.1 Site & Existing Buildings

1.1.1 two of the pews removed below the windows in the Nave to improve access for the temporary tower scaffold. Some water penetration through the temporary gutter lining to the Nave has taken place. GC has measures in place to improve. Needs lead putting in place.

1.2 Work by Others Concurrent with the Contract

1.2.1 The Church will arrange for the spot lamp on the tower to be replaced while the scaffold is in place. HBC to discuss with SG.

1.2.2 Dilapidation survey complete

1.3 Contract Documents

1.3.1 Documentation – Signed

1.3.2 Insurances – Confirmation from client’s insurers that cover is held and that they are aware work is being done, now issued.


1.4 Meter Readings

1.4.1 GC to take and circulate water and electric meter readings before commencing work. The supply of the water and electric is as described in the contract documents.

1.5 Preparatory Work by Others

1.5.2 Asbestos survey completed. Samples taken from material in the Boiler room for analysis. No problems reported


1.8.2 Faculty & Building Regs – HBC to contact building Control.

1.8.3 Construction Phase Plan – GC to issue construction phase plan.


2.1 Access Ladder

Partially installed. Remainder needs crash deck removing to do.

2.2 Joinery

Window repairs – Windows now glazed and ready to be fitted next week.

Access Hatch – Access Hatch – Location to be on East pitch of the roof. Gas strut assisted side opening hatch to be fitted if timber work allows. to consider standard Velux roof access window. Velux access light now on site awaiting installation.

Louvres – Agreed to replace 10no. blades to the louvres. Timber from the gutter linings to be reused subject to suitable quality and quantity being available. Cost to complete the work later issued, PCC later confirmed acceptance . AI required

Tracery Infill Panels – Need improvement in some areas, need setting back further into the tracery, profile should follow current eroded pattern of stone and not imitate the original carving.

· Timber Treatment -Localised treatment maybe required. Timbers to be inspected once work commences.

2.3 Glazing Repairs

2.3.1 Complete.

2.4 Leadworks

2.4.1 Tower roof lead works – Nave valley still to complete, lead works have let the contractor down, no attendance on site since last meeting. Due back on site next week.

2.5 Cross Bracket

2.5.1 Delivery awaited. AI required


3.1 Masonry Items

3.1.2 Stone Supply – Profiles sections of stone now expected on site

from 27th October. HBC have pressed for an earlier delivery

without success so far.

3.1.2 Profile – Profile of existing parapet weathering to be taken once

scaffold is in place. Now being done

3.1.3 Repairs – Repairs – GC is cutting out and replacing the defective stones and

rebidding where required. Face of mullion on north belfry aperture now cut back. Needs to be cut back behind louvre face to remove defective stone.

3.1.4 Repointing – Scope of work allowed is for removing loose or defective pointing but not for removing all cement based pointing if it is sound and not presenting water traps. This was assessed again at the meeting and it was thought that the whole of the top section down to the string course would be repointed. Areas lower down will need less attention.

3.1.6 Repointing – GC can use variable speed angle grinders with suitable width blades in conjunction with hand tools to remove the pointing. Care to be taken not to extend the perp joints onto the stones above. Trial area to be done for inspection.

3.2 Roofing Repairs

3.2.1 2 pitches now tiled, needs lead work and access hatch completing to finish remaining areas.

3.2.2 Lead gutters still not complete. Agreed to fit flashing to the Tower gutter into the same bed joint to the whole perimeter. Lead code may need increasing to areas with a deep flashing. Existing graffitied leadwork now stored in the church as part of the display

3.2.3 General arrangement of falls and drips in the parapet gutter seem reasonable, drip height to be increased to minimum recommended and sump depth to be increased to minimum recommended.

Outlet positions to remain as existing, chutes to be replaced.

3.2.4 Weathering to cross support to be improved. Detail to be agreed. Possibly a new metal bracket on the top of the current roof post

3.3 Plaster Repairs

3.3.1 Bulging plaster on the Aisle side of the Nave arcade is to be repaired, approx 1m2 required.

3.3.1 Skim coat to do. Plaster has not fully dried out due to thickness of base coats and leaks from temporary roof covering above.

3.4 Drainage & Rainwater Goods

3.4.1 New rainwater goods now being installed. Still not complete. Shortage of labour on site has prevented significant progress.

3.4.2 HBC to construct brick kerb around the gully to the north at the back of the Vestry to improve control of water flow. AI required.

3.4.3 Rainwater pipe from Vestry gutter to be taken into adjacent manhole rather than terminating at ground level.

3.5 Decoration

3.5.1 Paint for windows later confirmed as Oricalcum Linseed paint “Restoration White”.

3.5.2 Paint for louvres later agreed as Oricalcum Linseed “Cast Iron”. Instruction from PCC awaited for this work.


4.1 Valuation due in a couple of weeks time.

4.2 Forecast final account now issued.


5.1 The contract is now delayed by late delivery of the profiled stone.

5.2 HBC are proposing completing the leadworks, tiling, windows,gutters and louvres next week. They will then shut the site for 3 weeks to await stone delivery.

5.3 Works will recommence on 30th October – 2 weeks for stonework, remaining tiling and the cross bracket, and a further week for scaffold strip and site tidy.

5.4 GC reports that it has rained on 13 occasions since the last meeting.

5.5 Extension of Time to be considered. It is anticipated to grant a 3 week extension of time to cover the completion work following the shut down.

The contract is going to be delayed and the architect has been reporting a 3-4 week overrun.They now anticipate that completion will be mid December as long as the weather is kind.

One of the reasons for delay is the availability of the profiled stone and this won’t be delivered until the end of October. We are anticipating all the other works to be complete before then and to minimise the impact of any additional costs due to delay the contractor is proposing shutting the site for 2 – 3 weeks while we wait for the stone to be delivered.

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